Vision, Mission, and Goals

ENTICe Vision

To maintain and strengthen our position among the world leaders in neuromodulation by extending our work into new areas of clinical and research innovation through the development of a unique model for discovery, education, and care.

ENTICe Mission

The mission of the Emory Neuromodulation and Technology Innovation Center (ENTICe) is to propel neuromodulation innovation upon a “three-legged stool” comprised of clinicians/scientists, engineers, and industry all of whom work closely together to develop new ideas and solve critical hurdles to neuromodulation therapy for neuorological and psychiatric disorders.

ENTICe Goals

  1. Establish a cultural model of inclusivity and openness that encourages involvement and new collaborations among basic scientists, engineers, and clinical researchers across Emory and its academic partners with shared interest in neuromodulation, and innovative neuromodulation technologies and their application.
  2. Develop new models of training in interdisciplinary research and technology development for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty scientists, and clinicians.
  3. Develop innovative treatment solutions using device technologies for neurological and psychiatric disorders through new basic science and clinical collaborations.
  4. Translate innovative technologies into pilot clinical trials that lead to new models of patient care.