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to improve lives.

Great ideas seek backers to
make them into realities
And then to make them better.

When they find each other,
the future is brighter
for everyone

Welcome to ENTICe.

What sets ENTICe apart: our focus

Deep brain stimulationThrough our Facilitated Innovation process, we work on specific problems looking for interdisciplinary solutions. It is our mission to develop more effective medical devices and strategies to improve neuromodulation treatments for brain disorders.

A Personal Story - Treatment Resistant Depression

Edi Guyton is one of Mayberg's most dramatic success stories. She volunteers with a mental health advocacy group, she's active with a church, and she's in a writer's club. "I don't feel good all the time, but this gives me the capacity that if I can, if there is joy in my life, I have the capacity to feel it," Guyton says.

-Edi Guyton

Our work with Treatment-Resistant Depression ยป