About ENTICe

The Emory Neuromodulation and Innovation Center (ENTICe), is a collaborative effort between the Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry. What makes ENTICe unique is that it crosses the boundaries of traditional academic departments and scientific disciplines to focus on the specific goal of advancing research in neuromodulation and developing new and innovative neuromodulation devices.

ENTICe engages the changing dynamics of medical research, in which classic distinctions and barriers between basic science, clinical research, and engineering are blurred and removed, by formally organizing, integrating, coordinating, and supporting the research of scientists, biomedical engineers, clinicians, and others at Emory and its academic partners that are involved in the development and use of neuromodulation technologies for the treatment of neurologic and psychiatric diseases and disorders. The relationship among these groups is of critical importance as medical research and technology becomes more multi-disciplinary. 

The collaborative environment at ENTICe allows for a fluid and seamless exchange of ideas and insights and also encourages new collaborations to develop among those researchers who have a shared interest in neuromodulation and neurotechnology and their applications. ENTICe serves as a shared platform for research and translational neuroscience advancements where knowledge, technical assistance, and funds are systematically distributed throughout the program.