Thomas Wichmann, MD


Department of Neurology


Morris K. Udall Center of Excellence for Parkinson's Disease Research

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Dr. Thomas Wichmann attended medical school in Freiburg (Germany) and received his medical degree in 1984.  This was followed by postdoctoral medical and research training in Germany and at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), and internship and Neurology residency training at Emory University (Atlanta, GA).  He has been a member of the movement disorder division in the Department of Neurology at Emory University since 1996.  He is currently a Professor of Neurology, and serves as the Associate Director of the movement disorder clinic at Emory. In addition, Dr. Wichmann has been the director of the NIH-funded Udall Center for Excellence in Parkinson’s Disease Research at Emory University since the fall of 2010.

Dr. Wichmann focuses his research on the causes and effects of abnormal neuronal activity, including electrophysiological and morphological changes, that occur in the basal ganglia in movement disorders such as  Parkinson’s disease. Currently available therapies for most of these disorders are either not effective enough, or have side effects that limit their usefulness. Researchers in the Wichmann lab use combinations of microelectrode recordings, microdialysis studies, microinjection experiments, microstimulation studies and behavioral experiments in animal models of these disorders in order to develop new, more effective surgical interventions and pharmacologic approaches.