Diseases of Study


 In a long-standing collaboration between Emory and research scientists in the Laboratory for Neuroengineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, several epilepsy neuromodulation programs are underway in both the clinic and laboratory. 

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Treatment-Resistant Depression

For over 8 years, treatments and mechanisms of TRD has been studied at Emory through the Deep Brain Stimulation Clinical Research Program for Treatment Resistant Depression - the first program of its type in the nation.  Emory has emerged as a world leader in the development and testing of deep brain stimulation for TRD, a technique pioneered by Dr. Helen Mayberg. 

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Movement Disorders

Emory is a national leader for clinical and laboratory research of movement disorders.  In fact, the American Parkinson Disease Association designated Emory University as its first Center of Excellence in 1991.  In the last 15 years, work in these disorders has been expanding and lead to the development of new treatments. For instance, Emory University physicians and scientists have been at the heart of the development of surgical therapies.  

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